Versi terbaru AIMP3 sudah dipublikasikan pertanggal 19 juni 2013.

Diantara perbaikan yang dilakukan programer AIMP3 :
- Fixed: Common
- Some bugs in localizations
- Fixed: Common
- Player can't be associated with file types in some cases
- Fixed: Common
- The "All words with capital letter" function change the capitalization of whole word to uppercase in some cases
- Fixed: Playlist
- player add files to playlist too long
- Fixed: Tag Editor
- Autofilling tags functionality does not work
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

- Fixed: Sound Engine - Noise can be heard when playing file with high sampling rate
- Fixed: Player - The "suspend global hot keys" option does not work
- Fixed: Player - Bookmarks cannot be saved in some cases
- Fixed: Player - Queue manager does not save file order after closing the player
- Fixed: Tag Editor - Genre from list of predefined genres does not save correctly to M4A format
- Fixed: Skin Engine - there is no check for corruption of skin package
- Fixed: Skin Engine - An error occurs in some cases when trying to load skin that contains embedded fonts
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Value of the ClipChildren property is ignores when calculating HitTest
- Fixed: Skin Engine - position of equivalent containers with limited sizes calculates incorrectly
- Fixed: Audio Library - Focused file disappears from visible area after sorting
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

Download AIMP v3.50 Build 1277 terbaru 19 Juni 2013 :